Integrate your MDA and PDA system into production optimization with smart2i!

Machine & store floor data collection in industrial production

smart2i offers a user-friendly platform for recording and analyzing operating and machine data in interlinked production processes.

Examples of operational and machine-specific parameters at machine, plant & factory level:

  • Working times
  • Order status
  • Material consumption
  • Machine status
  • Production speed
  • Process temperature
  • Energy consumption
  • Maintenance requirements

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On one platform: Transparent integration of your data from the PDA system and other sources.

smart2i includes the transfer of existing data from your industrial machines and plants and the integration of IoT devices and sensors. The smart2i team supports you in the integration of existing data and sensors. Of course, the installation of new sensors and IoT devices is possible. Likewise, we can integrate the data from your PDA system if desired.

Intelligent data analysis for complete transparency and well-founded decisions

smart2i provides powerful analytics tools to analyze operational and machine data at any time, down to the second. These tools are easy to install and use. With advanced analytics, companies can identify trends, make predictions and make data-based decisions to optimize their operations. Anytime from anywhere. The platform provides customized dashboards, reports and alerts to enhance data visualization and monitoring. This is the basis for making informed decisions to increase efficiency.

Increase quality and profitability! 

Effective logging and optimization of operating processes.

  • Identify bottlenecks

  • Detect quality deviations at an early stage (e.g. gloss level)
  • Take preventive maintenance measures
  • Optimize the performance of your machines
  • Improve inefficient processes

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Thanks to the cloud: easy data access from anywhere, to the second and at any time

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Security and scalability of machine data and store floor data collection in production.

smart2i ensures that companies' data is safe and secure. The cloud-based platform uses advanced security mechanisms to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. In addition, smart2i is scalable and can be adapted to a company's individual requirements.

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