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Yes. smart2i is designed in such a way that it can be retrofitted to any plant, machine and device.

Yes. Thanks to the adaptations to your machinery, data can be sent to smart2i-connect gateway and forwarded to smart2i from there. Alternatively or additionally, new sensors can be retrofitted to existing machines to determine previously unrecorded information.

No. smart2i can be operated without additional sensors. Especially with new machines that are already equipped with a lot of sensors, no further sensors are necessary. However, sensors can be retrofitted, in order to receive additional process information.

Your data will be temporarily stored locally on the smart2i-connect gateway and forwarded to smart2i as soon as the connection is re-established

No. The most important thing is confident use of an internet browser. smart2i is designed for intuitive and simple operation. Every user should be able to create simple dashboards for themselves.

If you require very complex functions on your dashboard, the smart2i team will be very happy to support you.

Although smart2i is designed for intuitive operation, an introduction is helpful for the effective use of smart2i.

The integration of customer corporate designs is an integral part of our roadmap.

smart2i lays the foundation for AI analysis available in the future. That is why it is important to start collating data early, so as to have a large database available for AI.

Your data is stored in compliance with GDPR by professional hosts on European servers.

The use of strict security practices and security certificates prevents third-party interference.

Your data is transmitted in encrypted form, thus preventing your data from being intercepted or read.

There are a number of export functions that make it possible for you to store your data.

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