We revolutionize your production efficiency.

Through complete transparency and intelligent analyses for interlinked industrial production processes.

Whether machine operators, plant managers, managing directors or others involved in production - everyone easily receives exactly the information he needs and gets a sound basis for decision-making. 

As in classic MES Manufacturing Execution Systems, smart2i includes information from production, machine and quality data collection as well as energy data collection. At machine, system and plant level.

In addition, data from existing ERP systems (order data) are also transferred.

Down to the second, comprehensive machine-related data (from SCADA or PLC systems) are kept ready for further use in the high-performance smart2i database.

Data from the production environment (e.g. temperature or humidity) can also be integrated by smart2i. smart2i reliably provides you with the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other KPIs - related to machines and to orders!

You can quickly analyze the causes of missing targets with the help of the comprehensive database. Anytime from everywhere. This way, smart2i optimally controls the orders in your production better than conventional MES software: for the best operating efficiency, the desired quality with minimum waste and reduced costs with the lowest possible use of materials.

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Why smart2i?

Increase your OEE, reduce your energy and material costs and ensure your product quality!

Transparency in production

  • Individual dashboard design
  • Detection of weak points and bottlenecks
  • Displaying and linking of statistics and relevant KPIs
  • Independent of location and in real time

Better product quality

  • Targeted parameter analyses and detection of anomalies throughout the entire production process
  • Retrospective analyses of recipes and parameters in relation to the product quality

Higher profitability

  • Reduction of waste
  • Increase of system availability
  • Reduction of consumables
  • Reduction of energy costs

"One glance on my iphone before take-off and I can get on the plane without any worries."

Digitalization of your production

smart2i offers an innovative solution for companies that want to improve their production processes and attach great importance to the precise recording of production data. Together we can take your smart factory to a higher level!

"No more trial and error with our professional shopfloor management: thanks to smart2i, quickly I can see where the problem is and then just turn the adjusting screw needed to get the machine up and running again."


Collecting data

  • Connection of machines and systems
  • Addition of additional sensors
  • Input of orders / ERP interface


Saving data

  • Big Data
  • Multiple sources in one database
  • High security


Displaying data

  • Clear and simple
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Customized


Analyzing data

  • Understanding and evaluating data
  • Recognize correlations
  • Notifications and events

"Thanks to the intelligent analysis of all production data, we identified a systematic error in the night shift. Following the targeted reduction in the amount of paint, we have reduced our material consumption by 7%."

"I can finally find the cause of faults from the last shift without having to chase employees on the phone. That is how IIOT (industrial internet of things) works!"

Production Manager and CEOs are exited about the MES software smart2i !