What is smart2i?

The software solution “smart2i - Industry Intelligence” from Hymmen is a system for continuously observing and permanently recording machinery, production and quality data. Multi-vendor and across multiple sites.

Production data such as speed, pressure and consumption rates is stored in real time securely, permanently and cloud-based.

It can be accessed worldwide from any device in individually designed dashboards by the activated users.

smart2i also includes the intelligent, data-based analysis of your plants and machinery for optimising the whole of your production.

Suitable for:

  • Manufacturing industry

  • All sectors
  • All company sizes
  • Machine operator
  • Factory manager
  • Managing Director
  • Further production participants

With smart2i you will:

  • Increase the transparency of your production and performance data
  • Detect and eliminate production weak points and bottle necks
  • Improve planning security with individual key performance indicators such as plant availability and productivity
  • Optimise the quality of your products on the basis of recorded production parameters
  • Reconstruct process parameters retrospectively and flexibly
  • Reduce your material costs
Full service

Full service

From consultation to installation



Use with all types of machinery

Systemischer ansatz

Systematic approach

Sensor technology and other hardware, software and service provision



Freely scalable and adaptable

Endgeraeteunabhaengige loesung


Responsive design


Flexible sensor choice

Whether existing or retrofitted - always manufacturer-independent

You decide how much support you need.

With our all-encompassing, systematic approach, we support you on the way to the Industrial Internet of Things.

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