The analysis of your production data and KPI as an indispensable part of your production controlling enables targeted production control.

Transparency in production

  • Continuous monitoring of your machine and production data
  • Individual dashboard design and role concepts
  • Detection of weak points and bottlenecks
  • Relevant statistics and KPIs
  • Location-independent and in real time

Better product quality

  • Targeted parameter analysis and detection of anomalies across the entire production process
  • Retrospective analysis of recipes and parameters in relation to the respective product quality

Increased profitability

  • Monotoring of your machine and production data for production controlling
  • Increased OEE and plant efficiency
  • Reduction of consumables across the overall process
  • Waste reduction

“No more trial and error: Thanks to smart2i, I can quickly see what's wrong and make the necessary adjustments to get the machine running again.”


“I can finally root out the causes of faults that occurred during the previous shift without having to make phone calls to staff left, right and centre.”


“I can see the OEE on my smartphone with a simple glance before take-off and board the plane with peace of mind.”


“Thanks to the intelligent analysis of all production data, a systematic error has to come to light during the night shift. Following the targeted reduction in the quantity of lacquer, we have reduced our material consumption by 7%.”

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