smart2i works with professional, certified, GDPR-compliant cloud solutions.

Protection against data theft or loss

  • Cloud providers are always technically up to date
  • Data is stored in highly professional data processing centres. Access is secured via multiple authentication types
  • Scans for weak points and security updates are regularly carried out
  • Strict security practices and the use of security certificates prevent third-party access
  • Data is transmitted in encrypted form, thus making unauthorised recording impossible
  • Multiple redundant and extremely quick internet connections prevent downtimes

Secure legal situation and regulations

  • Cloud providers ensure maximum legal compliance – providers cannot allow anything less
  • Companies should rely on cloud services that operate their data processing centres in Germany (or Europe) due to legal certainty
  • If the servers are operated in Europe, they are subject to the European Data Protection Regulation
  • Thus your customised Industry Intelligence solution smart2i is also GDPR-compliant

Safeguarding against failure

  • Backups prevent the loss of data
  • Backup storage space within the cloud is connected very quickly
  • Storage space is available in virtually any size
  • Individual system hardware failures have no effect on the security of the data
  • Distribution to several server locations with very good network connection

Compatibility of cloud and company IT

  • A user does not have to leave their usual portfolio to be able to use cloud as well as on-premise services
  • Different systems are integrated by cloud operators and fulfil the highest security standards
  • Cloud data centres are usually at a much higher level than most companies can build in their own server rooms
  • Storage space and performance can be quickly adapted to changing requirements
  • The server architecture administration is largely dropped or taken over by the cloud service
  • 24/7 support is guaranteed by the service provider

See "Cloud Monitor 2020" by KPMG AG and Research GmbH for further details on the topic of data security

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